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Empath Energy -

Beyond Empathy




A compilation of the Empath Energy material the Orion group has been sharing in workshops and personal sessions since the 1990's. 


We see Empaths as those who have at the core of their nature an innate ability to receive energy, information and awareness from others with a depth and intensity that is beyond our customary understanding of empathy. 


This book explores in depth the principles of such a receptivity, as well as tools, concepts and approaches to support your understanding of yourself and how to flourish with this heightened receptivity. 




Oversized 6.14x9.21, perfect bound, 196 pages.  ISBN 978-0-944370-01-8 $13.94 retail.



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     The Orion Material

20th Anniversary Edition





We invite you to consider our perspective.

We are interested in stimulating

your ability to link with

the core essence of awareness. 

Allow yourself the gift of exploration.



An inspiring view of reality, with useful concepts and tools to enhance everyday life.   For more than twenty years, the expansive consciousness referred to as ‘Orion’ has continued to engage the intellect and touch the heart with a broad perspective integrating spirituality within your personal life.


Compiled and edited from classes, workshops and personal sessions. Includes a useful glossary, forewords from previous editions, and the author's story of how she first came to this work and the twenty years since.  Stimulating material well-organized and stylized quotes make the book accessible to 'touching in' for insight and support.  


6x9”, 218 pages, Perfectbound ISBN: 9780944370032 $8.60 retail

Available at - paperbound & Kindle

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