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Shift Happens - A Novel of Awakenings

In a different vein, Synchronicity Press offers a metaphysical novel by

Jerry Thomas Boyd.    


Born in Gary, Indiana, Jerry Thomas Boyd earned a B.S. in Art Education from Indiana University, Bloomington. While he quickly discovered teaching was not for him, he has had a variety of jobs both creative and practical ("un-creative"). He has lived in Boston, Washington, DC, and San Francisco. An early influence on his spiritual development was Shirley MacLaine's Out on a Limb. Other influences are revealed in his novel, Shift Happens. He's practiced re-birthing breathing, shamanic journeying and the conscious meditation technique known as day dreaming. 


In this eclectic novel aimed for adult readers, two gay men navigate some unexpected trials in their fledgling relationship when one of them takes off on an extraterrestrial contact experience. After Andy Gage disappears from his San Francisco flat in the early hours of a June morning in 1995, his boyfriend of three months, Richard Lang, is frantic to find him. When his search takes him to the slopes of Mount Shasta ten hours later, the couples' mind boggling metaphysical multidimensional adventure together is only the beginning. 

"..Andy Gage thought he knew who he was. He knew he was an empath, too often in synch with and in tune to the feelings of others. And because of it, he knew he had difficulty recognizing and trusting his own feelings. Andy knew there was more to All There Is than this three dimensional reality we live in. He was a survivor: an outrageous and outraged gay man in his late thirties who had fled his Midwestern upbringing in Indiana and gay life in Chicago to start over in San Francisco. He had lost a lover to AIDS. And though still HIV negative himself, he was resisting Love in the form of the ardent advances of Richard Lang. He knew the only happy endings were in the classic movies of Hollywood's Golden Age that he loved and into which he escaped as often as possible. He didn't suspect that he had a few wake up calls coming..."

The story of Andy's awakenings takes place in 1995 San Francisco, it could have taken place yesterday, it could have happened in any other place or time, but it didn't.


6x9”,  314 pages, Perfectbound ISBN: 978-0944370056  $15.00 retail



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